An ode to ordinary life. All about finding your own energy, your personal buzz, your downtempo, in places you are too used to.

Are Friends Electric?

An ode to ordinary life. Living in a small town comes with a handful of drawbacks which are hard to ignore. Endless days of boredom, where laziness and indolence pierce deep into every minute.

This apparent stillness though, can be the spark that lights up imagination. That’s where bold minds rise up, and try to create a whole different world, a new dimension where to expand the borders of the one they live in.

With its Spring ’17 editorial, Slam Jam Socialism explores this woolly yet challenging dimension through the eyes of the ‘swipe generation’.

A random Italian town acts as the background for these vivid shots, while two young adults are portrayed hanging around. Their stances, just as their looks, are caught in their natural environment, in some of the ordinary moments that make up their lives.

A strong emphasis is put on clothes, which reflect Slam Jam Socialism taste for the current season. Showing off across the shots are Stone Island, ALYX, J.W. Anderson, OAMC, Off-White, Super Sunglasses. A carefully handpicked mix of clothes that conveys the same blooming boldness you can find in the models’ eyes. 

‘Are friends electric?’ is about finding your own energy, your personal buzz, your downtempo, alone or with friends, in places you are too used to.

Art Direction: Slam Jam

Photo: Vittorio Schiavo

Fashion: Slam Jam

Grooming: Giulia Cigarini at Close Up

Models: Federico, Lucia

Thanks to: Wunderkammer, Ristorante Shanghai