We caught up with Abc.’s Heather Haber and Remington Guest to get to know more about the duo behind Abc. and their up-and-coming brand.


It was less than a couple of weeks ago when LA-based Advisory Board Crystals AKA Abc. visited us in Milan to present their latest project. Called ‘Eternal Youth’, their latest capsule collection debuted at Slam Jam Milano with a special pop-up event (there was a Fountain of Youth, too) based off the collection’s inspiration and feeling.


Together with the clothing range the collection included an exclusive (and very limited) takeover of the Nike Air Force 1, which the Abc. duo personally customized in store with a selection of hand-picked crystals.


While having drinks and enjoying the pop up experience, we shared a few words with Abc.’s Heather Haber and Remington Guest to get to know more about the duo behind Abc. and their up-and-coming brand. Enjoy the photo recap of the Abc. event at Slam Jam Milan and stay tuned for the online launch of the ‘Eternal Youth’ collection – coming soon.


What are you known for? 


Our proprietary crystal infused dye process.


Is that accurate?


That is just one aspect of our brand that seems to be maybe the most recognizable right now. It’s definitely not what we are limited to and we are sure that what we are known for will evolve as time goes on.


What have you been working on lately? How would you describe your latest projects? 


Latest project was “Eternal Youth” for Slam Jam Milan. It was an honor to work on a Nike Air Force 1 as a part of the collection, as well as working with the team at Slam Jam on the installation. Creating this idea of the “Fountain of Youth” as a physical pop up was key to the experience and overall feeling we wanted. We have a few upcoming projects we are working on but we like to keep secrets and create a bit of suspense.


Where does the inspiration for your ‘Eternal Youth’ capsule collection comes from? 


Some of the ideas and practices we talk about in the studio and our daily life. It stems from overall interest in health and optimization of living. What that looks like on a conceptual, scientific, visual, and practical level. Yet, it is equally a truly romanticized idea coming from a place of fantasy in our mind.


Before starting, how did you see running a brand? 


Something similar to what it is.


And what’s the actual reality of running a brand? 


Something a lot more challenging than anyone who doesn’t have one can possibly imagine.


What’s the last thing that made you really happy?  


Finding out that Pharrell made a personal request for a specific shirt he saw a Vogue editor wearing. She called us and said he stopped her a few times throughout the interview and asked what the shirt was and how he could get it.


What’s the last thing that made you really angry? 


People’s inability to pay attention to the obvious let alone notice nuance.


What is currently overhyped and played out? 


Most things, but we would rather focus on what isn’t and go from there.


What is something you wish people cared more about? 




What is something you love but other people dislike? 


Heather: Licorice.

Remington: At least in Milan, iced coffee.


What’s the one point in life you wish you could return to? 


As Karl Lagerfeld says, “The minute you think that the past was better, your present is second hand, and yourself becomes vintage – it’s okay for clothes not that great for people”.