GET LUCKY – NIKE SB DUNK LOW ELITE ‘[email protected]

The Nike SB Dunk Low Elite ‘[email protected]’ will be dropping on November 24 and Slam Jam Socialism releases it through an online raffle. Join in and good luck!


Since 2002, Nike and Japanese collectible maker Medicom have paired for covetable items. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of their ongoing collaboration, the duo is joining forces once again. This time Medicom’s [email protected] meets the slimmed-down Dunk in an all-denim upper. A flexible sole and ultra-responsive Zoom cushioning create a crazy-comfortable shoe, while the Nike SB DNA takes the forefront for a revival of one of the greatest.


The Nike SB Dunk Low Elite ‘[email protected]’ is set to drop on November 24, with a retail price of 136,00€, and Slam Jam Socialism will be releasing it through online raffle, which will close on Friday 24, at 10:00 am.

Once you have signed in to join our raffle, and in case you win, these are the instructions you will need to follow:

  • You will receive an email confirmation within Saturday, November 25
  • You will receive a PayPal payment request as of Monday, November 27
  • You will need to provide your payment within Tuesday, Nov. 28 (23:59 CET).

Please note that the PayPal payment request you’ll receive will include the item price plus any eventual shipping costs (click here to learn more on shipping fees).

Once payment is processed, your order will be generated, and this may take a few hours. As soon as your order is created, you’ll get your order confirmation via email.

Winners don’t necessarily need to have a PayPal account to provide their payment. We’ll only use winners’ email addresses to send out payment requests, but winners can provide their payment from whatever PP account they prefer (no matter if the email address associated with that account is different from the one used to join the raffle), or pay with their credit card.

Before entering our raffle to grab your Nike SB Dunk Low Elite ‘[email protected]’, keep an eye out on our Terms and Conditions:

  • Shoes are One Pair per Customer.
  • Winners will be picked by a random selection method and will be contacted via email within Saturday, November 25.
  • All PayPal payment requests will be sent in euro currency.
  • Slam Jam Socialism reserves the right to cancel orders even after payments are processed. All duplicates or suspicious orders will be canceled.
  • All PayPal requests will be sent to the email address which is used to join the raffle. It is not possible to change the email address.
  • Orders will be sent to the shipping address registered on winners’ PayPal accounts – no exceptions allowed. Please make sure the shipping details on your SJS account match those on your PayPal account
  • Payments need to be provided within Tuesday, November 28, 23:59 CET. If we don’t receive any payments within that date, your order and payment request will be canceled.

In addition to the online raffle, the shoe will also be available at our Ferrara and Milan stores.


Now you know everything you need to know, so get ready to raffle. And good luck!