Chasing the bewildered beauty of nature. A summer editorial shot by Massimo Zanusso and styled by Ilaria Chionna.


Calm waters and lush nature overlooking empty spaces, a dreamy valley carved by the flows of Italy’s greatest river. After running for hundreds of miles, river Po ends here its route, exhausted. And just before flooding into the sea, it molds this unique place, a national park which treasures an ethereal yet wild beauty. The landscape is still, rarefied, aquatic. The rhythm of nature shapes the surroundings, a pristine scenery which lies untouched by human interference. Dawns and dusks here show their authentic, magical nuances.




Slam Jam Socialism picked this bewildering stripe of land for its latest Summer 2017 editorial. The soft vibes of the pictures capture the delicate tones of the environs and the atmosphere lingering through this sweep of land and water. The styling plays with huge volumes, multiple layers of garments and exaggerated shapes from Slam Jam Socialism range. Smart with some edgy hints, the combination of brands features pieces from J.W. Anderson, ALYX, OAMC, Craig Green, Y-3, Kappa, Suicoke, Off-White and others Summer 2017 collections.











Photo: Massimo Zanusso

Fashion: Ilaria Chionna

Post: Umano Teodori

Assistant: Jonathan Santoro

Models: Inez @Nii, Safari @Tomorrow

Camera: Jonathan Santoro

Direction: Massimo Zanusso

Music: Matteo Giuliano/Massimo Zanusso

Editing: Francesco Giacomelli

Thanks to: Lisa, Davide