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  • 032c

    032c is a contemporary culture magazine that strongly believes in the intelligence of its readers, and rises to the challenge of surprising them. Published twice a year, the magazine celebrates the most cutting - edge in art, culture and fashion. 

  • 424

    The founders of 424 came together in the spirit of collaboration to create a boutique space to feature cutting-edge ideas in design without limitations.

  • A Bathing Ape

    A Bathing Ape is one of the very first streetwear Japanese clothing company, founded in 1993 by Nigo. Taking its name and themes from the original Planet of the Apes movies, BAPE and its coveted camo pattern has been garnering a cult following over the past 24 years, becoming the most iconic streetwear label around.


    Founded by the London-based designer Samuel Ross in 2015, his collection celebrates the English working class, youth culture, and the elements of the urban environment often overlooked. Each piece is an architectural experience, a collision of cityscape textures.

  • A.FOUR

    Born out of the collaboration between Japanese design guru Kazuki Kuraishi and London-based artist Lucas Price, A.FOUR blends distinct graphics with forward-thinking detailing, and delivers clothes that bring the aesthetic of workwear into the 21st century.

  • A.Ï.E.

    Introduced by Nephentes, this collection fuses British and New York subcultures. Taking its inspiration from limited utilitarian brands, sportswear, outdoor clothing, and military uniforms.

  • A.P.C.

    French ready-to-wear brand founded in 1987 by Tunisian-Jewish born designer Jean Touitou. A.P.C. stands for 'Atelier de Production et de Création'. One of the brand's most popular products is its raw-denim selvedge jeans, designed by Adam Shantir. Renowned for the high quality of its products, the brand delivers clothes featuring clean lines, simple patterns, barely-there logos, and minimalistic designs.

  • adidas by Raf Simons

    Revered Belgian designer Raf Simons and adidas team up fora limited-edition footwear project which brings the former's irreverent, minimalist aesthetic to some of the most iconic adidas silhouettes. The edgy models retain Simons’ signature streamlined aesthetics while packing the technical capability of adidas runners, for a chic street appeal that translates into reliable functionality.

  • adidas Consortium

    The adidas Consortium collection is a premier tier of adidas footwear that introduces both high-end executions and 1-to-1 executions of retro styles. Blending motifs of lifestyle and sports in harmony, adidas Consortium constantly unfolds new exclusive projects and join forces with legendary designers.

  • adidas originals

    adidas originals brings adidas iconic DNA from the courts to the streets. The first brand leveraging its sports assets in the lifestyle area, adidas originals is committed to serving people who are constantly looking for more options to express their individuality while setting the most sought-after trends around.

  • adidas originals x Pharrell Williams

    Sportswear giant adidas and pop musician Pharrell Williams have been joining forces over the last years to deliver exclusive apparel and footwear collections. The equal sign is the leitmotif of the duo's collections, and all the pieces offered are endowed with the artist’s uniquely playful and vibrant aesthetic.

  • Adieu Paris

    Adieu Paris is as simple as it gets: simplicity, excellence, and classic elegance are its essential elements. Isabelle Guédon and Benjamin Caron form the creative duo behind the French label, which blends the English punk-rock spirit of the 70’s and 80’s with the Parisian informal elegance. Adieu Paris shoes are unique items, manufactured with premium materials and deep care for details.

  • Airwalk

    Founded in 1986, Airwalk is the brainchild of George Yohn and Bill Mann. Yohn, no stranger to the footwear business, and Mann, an art student with a background in athletic gear, wanted to create longer-lasting and better-functioning shoes for skateboarders. Across the years, Airwalk has been a pioneer in the skate and action sports community, helping to shape and build the progressions of that culture.

  • ALYX

    Being among the LVMH Prize’s 2016 finalists, there’s a great deal to say about Matthew Williams’s ALYX. Building on the power of visual language, the attention to the creative project and the research into garments constructions lead to an ultimate clothing experience. Its refined aesthetics feed both on the creative’s California upbringing and his experience in the entertainment biz, while the Italian fabrication gives a high sense of luxury.

  • Aries

    Named after the star sign, ARIES was created by strong and visionary minds whose names aren't new to the streetwear community: designer Sofia Prantera was the driving force boasting the cult brand Silas back in the mid-90s, while Fergus Purcell - aka Fergadelic - designed the iconic logo at Palace Skateboards and, more recently, worked with Marc Jacobs.


    ASICS (acronym for the Latin phrase "anima sana in corpore sano") is a Japanese sportswear brand born out of the ideal to contribute to the advancement of society by nurturing youth through sports. Pledging to create quality lifestyles through intelligent sport technology, ASICS builds upon its technological advances to deliver top-notch athletic gear.

  • Awake NY

    Launched in 2012 by Supreme Brand Director Angelo Baque, Awake NY captures the unique cultural spirit and sensibility of New York City. 

  • Bianca Chandon

    Alex Olson seamlessly launched Bianca Chandon, a brand inspired by a love for late-70s subcultures, in a very do-it-yourself way. He art directed and styled his own campaign, carefully picked the name, and thoughtfully chose the right T-Shirts and fits for his line. The brand name is a combination reference to Bianca Jagger and race car driver Olivier Chandon.

  • Bootleg Is Better

    Having grown up in the 90s, Avi Friedman, aka Avi Gold, took an interest in street culture having been influenced by his older brother. In the early 2000s, Avi Gold helped launch an online publication with friends well ahead of its time, and was later instrumental in building Sneeze Magazine. Currently, Avi Gold serves as a creative consultant on various projects all while creating his own bootleg products.

  • Brain Dead

    "Brain Slam is the idea of connecting ideas, bringing together what we do and what you do to make something special". Struggling to preserve and spread the original meaning of wearing tees as signifier of being part of a circle, Brain Dead's founders Kyle Ng and Ed Davis make tees that speak for them, showing what they are into through visuals, and boasting fluid graphics, ever-evolving as they are.

  • Call Me 917

    Call Me 917 is the brainchild of Alex Olson, the behind the label Bianca Chandon and a collaborative skate film with Louis Vuitton. The brand, “a real core skate thing only at selected skate shops” delivers a bold range of graphic tees, accessories, and desks, running with the erotic skate vibes.

  • Calvin Klein

    Founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein and his business partner Barry Schwartz, the American brand is renowned for its clean aesthetic and innovative designs. Dressing up the American Dream since its origins, Calvin Klein aspires to thrill its audience using provocative imagery, high quality materials, basic palettes and a fresh style.

  • Carhartt WIP

    Carhartt Work In Progress is the avant-garde way of living the Carhartt brand, reshaping the outstanding Carhartt legacy. Since its very beginning, Carhartt WIP has closely involved Carhartt in the European skateboarding and BMX scene, becoming the very bedrock and epitome of the streetwear movement.

  • Cav Empt

    Cav Empt, aka C.E., is a streetwear clothing label introduced by Sk8thing, the man behind iconic graphics featured on BAPE, HUMAN MADE, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. The brand was created with the previous Chief of Staff from NOWHERE Co. Ltd, Toby Feltwell, and features graphic tees and varsity jackets alongside tailored shirts and blazers, giving the label a high meets low feel.

  • College

    College, the shoe brand founded in the U.S. in 1950, arrived in Italy in 1970 and booming between 1978 and 1985 with the iconic mocassins.

  • Comme Des Garçons Shirt

    Founded by fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garcons is renowned for austere and destructured collections that go beyond the tastes and fashions of the moment. The Comme des Garcons Shirt diffusion line was launched by Kawakubo in 1988 and features a mix of cutting-edge tailoring combined with classical elements such as lively colors and art-inspired prints.

  • Comme Des Garçons Shirt Boys

    Founded by fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons is renowned for austere and destructured collections that go beyond the tastes and fashions of the moment. The Boys collection is a more youthful offshoot from the avant-garde brand.

  • Comme Des Garçons Wallets

    Founded by fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons is renowned for austere and destructured collections that go beyond the tastes and fashions of the moment. The brand's Wallets line matches basic shapes with pop colors, graphic embossing, and an inveterate sense of surprise and refreshing simplicity.

  • Common Projects

    Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami, Common Projects founders, started their collaboration in 2004, with the goal of matching American sneakers culture with the premium quality of Italian handcraft. The result is a super clean, classy, and minimalistic shoe, only branded with a gold numeric stamp at heel, displaying the shoe style code, size and color.

  • Converse

    Converse began more than a century ago as a rubber shoe company specializing in galoshes, and shortly after started crafting canvas basketball sneakers. Rather than sticking to their original intention, though, Converse sneakers turned into iconic, defining shoes, thanks to their unlimited potential. More than shoes, Converse is a one-of-a-kind celebration of individuality and self-expression.

  • Craig Green

    London-born designer Craig Green established his namesake label in 2012, upon graduating the Fashion MA at Central Saint Martins. With an evolving cult-like vision, he has quickly carved a unique position amongst the city’s most innovative menswear designers. 

  • Denim by Vanquish & Fragment

    Denim By Vanquish & Fragment is about a love for denim. Founded in 2004, the Japanese streetwear powerhouse sprout from the fruitful hookup between Ryo Ishikawa and Hiroshi Fujiwara. The brand focus is on denim, which keeps reigning supreme across all collections, and which is accompanied by tees, button-downs, crew neck sweatshirts, and beanies.

  • Double Rainbouu

    Founded in 2016 by the Australian duo Toby Jones and Mikey Nolan, former art and creative directors of cult denim label Ksubi, Double Rainbouu reflects a life spent by the beach and all that it represents.

  • Elephant

    Since its inception in 2009, the magazine aims to survey the international contemporary art scene with energy and depth.


    Created 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, Eytys is a unisex sneaker with confident proportions - more gritty pavement than polished runway.

  • F.C. Real Bristol

    In 1999, the keyword, “BRISTOL”, that has existed inside of “SOPH.” was defined as an imaginary football club for the first time, and then “F.C Real Bristol” started as an independent label to express a new category that see football as a lifework.

  • Fear of God

    Fear of God is a brand from L.A. Jerry Lorenzo's brand describes itself as "the modern day disciple inspired by the Most High and street-culture.


    FPAR is acronym of Forty Percents Against Rights, the label from Tetsu Nishiyama, founder of WTAPS. Politically charged statements are presented in clear, black and white prints that say what they mean and mean what they say.


    FRONTEER is a US-based brand whose mission is to be a catalyst for discovery. Its purpose is to create products for those who seek to be inspired by the beauty of the everyday world. From the smallest crack in the ground to an Earth shattering volcanic eruption, there is beauty in the detail. For FRONTEER, ‘in all that you encounter, inspiration can be found'.


    Born under Comme des Garçons founder, Rei Kawakubo, influence, Fumito Ganryu launched his own fashion brand named GANRYU, in 2008. The main themes of his creations are the unconventional proportions and asymmetric construction.

  • Gosha Rubchinskiy

    Gosha Rubchinskiy's one-note but highly evocative pitch is to recast the institutionalized ugliness of Soviet-era sportswear with a lovingly tender eye.


    Founded in 2012 by Dom Bridges, HAECKLES is about love for natural ingredients, love for design and quality but ultimately a love for the heritage of coastal living.

  • Head Porter

    Started in 1998, fashion conscious collaboration between Yoshida Kaban Company and Hiroshi Fujiwara. Constantly on the cutting edge in high fashion/streetwear Head Porter brings the accessories to the next level.

  • Helmut Lang

    Founded in 1986, Helmut Lang redefined fashion and style through innovative sharp edges tailoring and a deep engagement with contemporary avant-garde culture. Its deconstruction style contains mono tone and austere colors, wich radiate minimalism.

  • Hi-Tec

    Hi-Tec is a sportswear brand founded in 1974 in Shoeburyness, England by Frank van Wezel whose love for sport lead him to create innovative, lightweight sportive shoes.

  • Hummel

     Founded in 1923, Hummel is a Danish footwear and sportswear brand with deep roots in football and handball.

  • Idea Books

    Founded in 1976, Idea Books is specialized in publishing books, exhibition catalogues, and DVDs on contemporary architecture, art, photography, design, fashion, and film. All concerning these topics is, for Idea Books, essential to create contacts and inspiring works.

  • Intelligence Magazine

    People at Haven launch their latest project, Intelligence Magazine. The biannual publication will focus on the brands, artists and designers that strike a chord with the editors.


    J.W. Anderson founded his label in 2008, after pursuing a menswear course at the London College of Fashion. Now a key player in the London fashion scene, J.W. Anderson redefine contemporary conceptions of menswear in supplements of his parallel role as creative director of LOEWE. Androgynous inspiration to womenswear combine with a powerful graphic sense: monochrome casual suiting, classic polos, colorblocking creations and geometric forms.

  • Jason Markk

    Jason Markk makes premium goods and accessories for the sneaker market. The goal is to fulfill the needs and wants of today’s sneaker consumer by offering innovative, high-quality products and accessories.

  • Jil Sander

    Jil Sander, in full Heidemarie Jiline Sander, is a German fashion designer and founder of the Jil Sander label, noted for her luxurious understated clothing and influence on minimalist fashion.

  • John Undercover

    Straight from Tokyo, John Undercover is a ready-to-wear menswear brand founded by conceptual designer Jun Takahashi.

  • Jordan

    Jordan is a shoe and athletic wear brand owned and created by the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan in collaboration with Nike. Initially focused on creating basketball shoes, the company has since then expanded its offerings gaining a significant cultural weight in streetwear culture.

  • Junya Watanabe MAN

    Junya Watanabe MAN was founded in the 1994 by Hybta Watanabe and is actually part of the Comme Des Garçons lines. Watanabe is often considered to be a ‘techno couture’ designer, creating unusually structured clothes out of modern, technical materials.

  • Kaleidoscope

    KALEIDOSCOPE is an international art media company founded in 2009 in Milan and defined by a curatorial and interdisciplinary attitude towards the New.

  • Kappa Kontroll

    Kappa Kontroll, created in 1956 almost by chance, reinterprets in a street perspective some of the iconic items from the sports apparel of the early 80s, when Kappa® changed its positioning and became an international sports brand. 

  • Karhu

    Karhu, meaning “bear” in Finnish, is a leading running brand in Europe and has provided technical running and outdoor gear for nearly 100 years.


    Straight from Aaron Bondaroff’s - aka A-ron - KNOW WAVE online radio station, a set of logo tees and accessories has just popped up on our shelves.

  • Koss

    Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1958, Koss is an American company that invented the first portable stereo phonograph player with side-wing speakers. Nowadays Koss continues to design and manufacture headphones and audio accessories.

  • L.I.E.S. Records

    Founded in 2010 in Brooklyn, New York, L.I.E.S. Records - short for Long Island Electrical Systems – is an record label.

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